Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can I (we) see some of the double rifles you write about, please? Ron W., USA (question from

Can I (we) see some of the double rifles you write about, please? Ron W., USA

At present I own only five. I have sold my .450, .500, and a 20-.577 and, of course, all my single barrel weapons. My rifles now are a .450-400 Harrison and Hussey boxlock ejector, with 26 inch barrels, and a Swarovski 1 1/4-4x scope to assist my ailing eyes. This is my primary hunting rifle and has taken lion, leopard, hippo, croc, sable, many plains game, buffalo in Australia, and caribou here in Alaska.

My other hunting rifle is a best quality Joseph Lang .450 no2. Originally it was a 28-inch barrelled, ejector, three leaf rear sight, and automatic safety. Fully engraved, it is a beauty! In 1956 the rifle was returned to the maker for repairs and alterations. When I purchased the rifle, the rear sight was a single leaf, the safety was manual, and the ejectors were changed to extractors (a preference of many PHs).

My .600 is a John Wilkes best quality, 26 inch barrels, extractor, three leat rear sight and a bead with flip up ‘moon’ front sight. The regualtion is for the heavy 110 grain charge of cordite. Recoil is a bit stiff even at 15 1/3 pounds.

My two bore rifles are a rather plain Walter Locke 7-bore with 24 inch barrels, weight of 17 pounds and is a hammer, under lever. The other is an Alex Henry 8-bore, best quality with 23 inch barrrels and weighs 15 1/2 pounds. It, too, is a hammer under lever rifle. The rear sight is set back to the breech as specified by the original owner in 1883.

All of my rifles are in a case with accessories and I shoot them several times per week in the shooting season at my home in Alaska--April thru September. I hunt with the three boxlocks each season at home and also in Africa each year. They are great fun!

Enjoy the photos and good shooting!