Monday, August 17, 2009

Results of Sanford, NC Shoot


The event was held at Deep River Sporting Clays in Sanford, NC. It was on April 24th-26th. We shot LOTS of "soft" targets:)))) (Milk jugs and 5 gallon water pales and water balloons). Also shot paper targets which consisted of the Norma cape buffalo, moving leopard and bear.

The guns that showed up ranged from vintage BPE's to modern NE's. What I can remember are as follows:

500 BPE Holland hammer, extractor
470 Verney Carron (Demas), ejector
577 Verney Carron (Demas), ejector
45-70 Siace, ejector
8x57R Arrieta Sidelock ejector
577 BPE 3-1/4" Jeffery hammer, UL, heavy charge 7 dram 650gr
577 BPE 3" Alex Henry hammer, UL, Light charge rifle
577 BPE 3" Watson hammer, UL light charge rifle
450 #2 Famars/Champlin
10 Bore Holland Paradox
600NE Jeffery
9.3x74R German double. Do not remember the maker
450/400 3-1/4" BPE Woodward automatic

There might have been one or two more rifles that I have forgotten but this is the ones that I do remember.