Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1st Post from Cal- Watch out for the African taxidermists

ZIMBABWE TAXIDERMIST. The idea of a blog came to me just the other day when a box of skulls arrived from Zimbabwe. The buffalo, kudu, and waterbuck were shipped in a wooden crate from MATABELELAND TAXIDERMY in Bulawayo. The three skulls were set in the crate with not a shred of packing material and they bounced around quite a bit while in the transit to Alaska. Only one skull had a wood block and tape placed around the nose. My buffalo's nose was broken off and the teeth were knocked out. I emailed my PH, Gary Hopkins (also of Bulawayo) and he forwarded the email to Buck, the manager of Matabeleland. In true Africa fashion, not a reply nor a word of concern. Several other hunters I know of have like problems--also without a word of concern, apology, or accountability. I would recommend to fellow hunters stay away from this business. From what I understand, the owner is in South Africa doing business there and left the Bulawayo shop to those who don't care much for the reputation of the company.