Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where can I get ____ for my double rifle? (question from

Where can I get..........for my double rifle?

The following for the Doubles Column is gathered from numerous, short questions I have received in the past months,

Where can I get................for my double rifle?

The following items for double rifles are a composite of many questions I have received. Only the names of the companies are given as contact information is readily found on the web. What follows are only my sources. I’m sure there are more.

Bullet moulds. NEI

Reloading dies. Huntington's, 4D-CH Tool

Shell holders. Huntington's

Bullets. Woodleigh, Barnes, Hornady

Brass cases. Huntingtons, Bertram, Horneber, Rocky Mountain Cartridge

Wads. Precision reloading

Gas checks. Huntington's

Large gap reloading press. RCBS (Huntington's), 4D-CH Tool, Lee Precision

Berdan decapper. RCBS (Huntington's)

Berdan primers. Old Western Scrounger, Midway, Grafs, PMC

Factory ammunition. Kynamco, Federal, Hornady

History of my double rifle. From the original maker’s ledger. If the original owner was in the military, contact the Scottish Military Museum--Library

Double rifle books. Shooting the British Double Rifle by Graeme Wright, The Hammerless Double Rifle by Alexander Gray are two of the best

Current double rifle makers. Holland and Holland, Westley Richards, Purdey, Griffin and Howe, Heym, Merkel, Krighoff, Thys, Blazer, Searcy, Rigby, and the Italian, Belgian, and Austrian makers.

Vintage double rifles. Champlin Arms, Griffin and Howe, Hallowellco, Guns America, Guns International, Vintage Doubles, Cabelas, and the makers have used rifles in stock.

Double rifle gunsmithing. Griffin and Howe, Keith Kearcher, JJ Perodeau, and the makers.

Double rifle regulation. Keith Kearcher, JJ Perodeau, Vintage Doubles, and the makers
Repro case accessories and vintage reloading tools. Marvin Huey, Mike Messina, and the makers

What have I missed? Good shooting, Cal