Saturday, October 31, 2009

cape buffalo articles from the vintage years

Good day! I hope you take a look at the ten old articles on hunting the cape buffalo. Today buffalo hunting is the most common and affordable of the big five hunts. There is enough buffalo hunting today to allow you to hunt any way you wish: walk all day and track to shooting from vehicles to secure your trophy. Zimbabwe has the most affordable hunts today and the prices are dropping due to the economy. Tanzania has great buff but you'll pay for it--about 30K when all the bills are paid. South Africa has good buff but they are on private ranches and may or may not be fair chase.

Most of the articles here have the same flavor for sensationalism that brought Capstick so much fame. While it makes for good reading the fact is buffalo are just cattle and will run when they smell or see you. If wounded by a hunter or another buff they may be in a bod mood but the chance of a true charge is slim. Remember, it is not a charge if the buffalo is running and happens to run in your direction. "Suicide Made Easy," "Buffalo Shoot Back," "Death in the Tall Grass," and "Killer Rogue of the Sichifuru" are examples of this. (If I wrote of my last buffalo hunt in September of 2008 in Zim you would be disappointed. Nothing of great danger took place).

Anyway, enjoy the articles. Hunting in the old days had a special flavor about it. A friend hunted Kenya in the 1960s and 1970s. He and his father took 19 buffalo with the SMALLEST being 44 inches! Those were the days!