Monday, October 26, 2009

   Good day fellow double rifle shooters. For the next batch of vintage articles I'd like to introduce is a small group of three articles on black powder express rifles.
   For today's shooters, black powder express is a great and economical way to begin your addiction (although Dr. Phil and Dr. Laura would call it a choice) to double rifles. They are low priced, easy to shoot, recoil is mild, and brass and bullet moulds are available. "Regulating a Double Rifle," "Try a Black Powder Double Rifle," and "Double Trouble" are both a historical and ballistic treasure.
   All of the black powder info is here from the .360 to .577--powder charges, regulation, velocity, bullets, etc... I will try to add to this list soon. I have many more articles in my files but the copyright is in force and/or the authors are still with us.