Thursday, October 15, 2009

Index of Vintage Elephant Hunting Articles at

   Death of a Rogue by Dr. Robert A. Killebrew. Source and date unknown
   Double on the Biggest Game by Warren Page. Field & Stream, September, 1959
   Elephant Six Arms Out by Berry B. Brooks. Outdoor Life, December, 1951
   Elephants I've Met by J.A. Hunter. Outdoor Life, February, 1958
   Elephants on the Zambezi by Jack O'Connor. Outdoor Life, January, 1970
   Forty Elephants a Day by Warren Page. Field & Stream, May, 1960
   Hunting the African Elephant by John B. George. American Rifleman, December, 1955
   I Shot the Biggest Elephant in the World by Joseph Fenykovi. Source and date unknown.
   Last of the Mammoths by T. Murray Smith. Field & Stream, June, 1948
   Safaris That Stink by Steve Miller. Gunsport, September, 1967
   Old Shuguli by Alice Landreth. Outdoor Life, February, 1967
   The Bargain Bull of Bala M'Bala by Russell Barnett Aitken. Field & Stream, February, 1951
   The World's Record Elephant Hunt by Francis Dickie. Source and date unknown
   This Man Has Killed 164 Elephants by Col. Charles Askins. Guns, September, 1962
   Those Bad Tempered Tuskers by John Jobson. Sports Afield, May, 1969
   Trophy Tusker by Peter Barrett. True, March, 1969
   Trouble by the Ton by Dr. Charles B. Stacy. Outdoor Life, May, 1957
   We Found the Elephant Place by Erwin A. Bauer. Outdoor Life, August, 1966
   Year of the Big Ivory by Elgin Gates. Source and date unknown

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