Friday, October 30, 2009

Leopard hunting articles from the good old days.

There are five articles on leopard hunting scanned and placed on my website. Leopard hunting today is going strong although Mr. Spots is rarely seen during the day anymore. Most leopards are hunted over baits but there is a growing interest in using dogs. Using dogs used to be quite a bit more expensive that bait hunts but I have noticed the prices about equal with many outfitters/PHs. I'm sure this is due to the much shorter hunt--once the dogs get on a track the hunt will be over with later that day.

The five articles give a good overview of leopard hunting. Erwin Bauer's "The Most Elegant Cat on Earth"  is a good story of this magnificent animal while Gil Paust's "World's Most Dangerous Animal" is one man's opinion on which of the big 5 is the most dangerous. Alexander Lake has an article here but remember Mr. Lake's book has been throughly debunked as to replacing facts with nonsense. Two other articles are good reads.
While lion hunting may be on the last days, leopard hunting should be here for a long time as leopards are still in great number and take countless domestic animals throughout Africa.