Sunday, November 29, 2009

Convention schedule and general update

Good day all. On December 3 I leave for the east coast to photograph for my bore rifle book and then in January to Texas for the Dallas and Reno Safari Club shows. Please stop by the African Hunter magazine booth (Mag-Set Publications) to visit and shoulder my .600 and 4-bore. Speaking of the 4 I have determined a price. Please email with your phone number and I will call you if you are interested. I will be moving around for Dec. and Jan. and do not carry a cell phone. Since perhaps 50 4-bore doubles were made by the English makers in the old days the price will be expensive and not for a dealer to buy to mark it up 20-30K. I am looking for a high-end collector who wants the biggest and among the rarest of the vintage doubles for his (or her) collection. Only two 4s have sold in the past few years that I am aware of. Both are Roddas. One was in super condition in an elephant hide case with tools and accessories and sold for well over 100K. The other was from India, rusted badly on the exterior, the recoil pad was rotted off, and the forend was missing. This rifle sold for 70K. (I have photos of this rifle. If it had been an 8 it would not have sold for any price due to its condition. But, it was a 4). The price of my rifle will fit between the two.