Tuesday, November 24, 2009

December and January business

Good day to all. In a few days I will depart the cold of Alaska for the People's Republic of Massachusetts to visit my mom and travel a bit on the east coast photographing rifles and vintage reloading tools for my next book on the bore rifles. This work should have a dozen 4-bores, 50 8-bores and many smaller bore sizes and a good selection of flintlock and percussion double bore rifles. On the first of January I will fly to a friend's ranch in south Texas to hunt a bit, relax, and travel to the Dallas Safari Club show and then make my way to Reno for the big convention. With me will be my .600 and 4-bore. If you are at the conventions please stop by the African Hunter magazine booth and chat, shoulder my rifles, and see my new book on the .600 nitro express. Upon returning to Alaska I will update my site with several additional articles from the vintage years on double rifles and ask readers to contribute photos of their doubles for posting. Thank you all for reading and for the emails and phone calls. I will be checking my emails on the trip so I will be in communication. Regards, Cal.