Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elmer Keith on Africa

No doubt, Elmer Keith was the most dedicated writer of his era to champion the use of double rifles, heavy bullets, and moderate velocity. He also had great experiences in Africa. Other writers of the time--O'Connor, Askins, Page, and others also wrote of Africa but it was Elmer who used our favorite rifles.

I have only four of Keith's stories reproduced here. "Africa's Grey Ghost" details hunting the greater kudu. "Keith's Last Two Shots in Africa" is about his last hunt for rhino and other dangerous game with his favorite double rifles. While elmer owned many double up to and including at .577 and .600 Jeffery, his .476 Westley Richards was his favorite. "Shooting Dangerous Game" is Elmer's opinion of how and where to shoot game that can hit back as well as what rifles and calibers to use. "Africa's Plains Game is East to Hunt but Hard to Kill' expands on what so many others have said that African plains game is difficult to put down--the desire to cling to life to the very end shows African plains game not to give up the ghost without a fight. They remain standing as long as possible as they seem to know if they go down all is over. I have noticed this on many of my African Hunts.

If you enjoy what Elmer has to say about hunting in Africa, look to his articles on double rifles elsewhere on my website.