Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miscellaneous articles on African hunting in the 1950s-1960s

   On my website I have scanned the following nine articles about general hunting in Africa.
   "Africa Has Everything" tells of all the advantages of hunting the dark continent. No doubt, even today, you can do it all in Africa. "African Game Makes Your Hair Stand" is a good account of dangerous game and some of the sticky situations one can get oneself in. "Heaven Help the White Hunter" is an excellent overview of the trials and tribulations of being a PH (however back in the days, White Hunter was in vogue). A PH, today or then, does (did) it all--a bartender, mechanic, politician, crack shot, hunter, etc... "Mozambique Trophy Quest" tells of hunting in that little-known hunting area. Even today, Mozambique is a destination most hunters do not think of. That is too bad as the trophy quality is good and the prices are fair.
    "The Selous Has Opened" tells of the opening of this grand hunting area in southeast Tanzania. Both Tanzania and Kenya closed hunting in the 1970s with Tanzania reopening hunting in the 1980s. Kenya's game and economy have suffered due to the closing and Tanzania's game and economy has grown due to the presence of hunters. I hope you gather lots of good information from these pieces of history.