Monday, November 2, 2009

The Nile Crocodile

The croc has the distinction of (my estimate) of killing more Africans than any other animal except mosquitos and the diseases they carry. Crocs have been hunted for their skins for leather or for the trophy. Trust me, it is a challenging hunt if you (as I did) hunt with a double rifle and have to get close for the shot. Using a 'scoped high velocity magnum it is a relatively easy assassination. You MUST anchor the croc with the first shot--a brain shot is the only option, or he will go in the water and sink upon death. I do not know anyone who will dive in after him to get him to shore.

Only four articles on croc hunting are here for you. It as not a popular hunting venture in the 19402s-1970s so not many stories exist. "The Cautious Crocodile" by Warren Page is a good overview. "Having a Crack at Crocs" and "Africa's Maneating Monsters" also will give you an idea of what crocs do in Africa. "The Axe Men of Africa" is a story of natives killing crocs axes.

Africa is interesting in that it hold a value of human life different than here in the west. Women will draw water from a nearby river's still pool. Crocs know this and wait. When the woman puts her container in the water the croc will shoot forward, grab her, and drag her under in a split second. (Kind of like the first Crocodile Dundee but without the time for a struggle). Fellow villagers know of her fate when they follow her tracks to the water to search for her. The next day, another woman draws water from the same place.