Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Info for bore rifle book

Good day, all. I'm on the east coast gathering information and photos for my upcoming book on the bore rifles. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a fella who has owned, handled, and seen more 4- and 8-bore rifles that perhaps anyone in the country or world. He has only one double bore rifle now, an Evans in outstanding condition, but has a truck load of original ammunition, reloading tools, and album after album of photos of the bore rifles. In the 1960s and '70s he knew the few guys in this country what collected bore rifles before it was stylish to do so: Ray Meyer, Ray Marriage, Dick Voight, Howard French, and more. His archives of old magazine articles are a treasure to look through. His contributions will be a welcome addition to the bore rifle book and make the work complete as he has an historical perspective on the bore rifles that will be lost to history if not recorded. I have a few more places to go and then off to the Dallas and Reno Safari Club shows. Of additional interest I did see an old .600 Jeffery that has been lost to time over the years. It was used by one of the old hunters written of in chapter one of my .600 book and was packed away in grease decades ago along with an original .416 Ribgy, a .470 Rigby double, and others. These rifles may come out in the open in the future if the family decides to do so. I'll update this if any more information comes available or after the Dallas show. Good sooting.