Friday, January 29, 2010


   January 21. Nothing but great stuff at SCI in Reno. Double rifles galore and Africa all over the place. Seeing old friends and making new ones makes my day. 
   The book sales are going well both at the booth I am at (number 8--Zimbabwe Professional Hunter's Association with the African Hunter magazine) and at the book signing at Safari Press each day. Not only is Safari Press selling my book but Griffin and Howe, Westley Richards, and Holland and Holland NY has them. Holland and Holland and Purdey may take some back to London as is Paul Roberts who is making the new Jeffery rifles. And, a case or two may make their way to Australia and Zimbabwe. 
   In addition is I have the pleasure to meet dozens of readers of in person and hearing the positive comments of the site and the book is great!
Thanks, all.