Saturday, March 6, 2010

Want to live in Alaska?

   Greetings from Alaska. Soon I will add some photos of double rifles owned by friends that you will enjoy--a Bland 4-bore single, Bland 8-bore double, and a Tolley 10. 
   Also have any of you thought of living in Alaska? Most don't due to the long winters but there are some advantages to living here--low or no taxes is a big one, super hunting and fishing, and freedom with few or no state gun laws. Alaska is perhaps the last state where one can truly be free. I will be putting my log home up for sale soon--a photo can we seen on this home page (with myself shooting my 4-bore.) If any of you would like to explore living here email me and I will send or call with details. This month I will post detailed photos, specifications, along with price and perhaps owner finance. Cheers, all. Cal