Thursday, May 6, 2010

.600 Nitro Express

Dear Cal:
Here is a description of shooting the .600. “Up until fairly recently (early to mid-1980s) the .600 nitro express was hands down the biggest, nastiest, hardest hitting, and heaviest weapon you could by. It was designed for one simple knock an elephant flat on his was really built as an exhibition piece for guys compensating. This cartridge is known for breakng collarbones, arms, shoulders...of the shooter. The .30-06 has a recoil index of 1. The .600 is 9.4--9.4 times more punishing power than a .30-06.

Joe P. USA

Armchair experts like to write things what make the reader go, “Wow.” If the reader was not taken back by what was seen in print most of today’s writers would not get much of a following. The .600 lets you know it when you pull the trigger, do doubt about it, but your feet will remain on the ground (and so will a 6-ton elephant’s feet remain on the ground) and the muzzles will rise about 6-8 inches if you hold to control the recoil. They will rise a bit more if you let the rifle float upward upon ignition--but not uncontrolable. I, too, read what you sent and I had a good laugh. The next day I shot my .600 for ten rounds (standing) and was still alive to write these words.

Good shooting,