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Exactly what came in the original cases with double rifles?

Dear Cal:
Exactly what came in the original cases with double rifles?
Ed Johnson, USA

It is great finding a vintage double rifle in its original case and even more of a treat to open the case and see an assortment or original tools and accessories there. What came in a case largely depended on what the owner was to do and where he was to go. Accessories can be broken down into five categories: cleaning, repair, reloading, telescope and sighting, and miscellaneous.

Cleaning. Every cased rifle or gun was equipped with cleaning implements. Included in the case were a cleaning rod, various tips including a jag, slot, brush and mop. An oil bottle was a necessity, too. Last of all was a grease pot and wiping rag.

Repair. For general repair a set of turn screws fitted for each of the screw slots, a firing pin wrench (called a striker key across the pond) for hammer rifles and guns, and a firing pin removal tool for the hammerless. Usually included was a spare set of strikers. Perhaps a set of main springs or a compete set of locks for the finer arms, also.

Reloading: I am talking cartridge arms, here, and included a capper and de-capper, powder measure, bullet mould in the lead bullet days, bullet seater and maybe a crimping tool.

Telescope and sights. If a scope was fitted to the rifle and also to the case, then a set of turnscrews for installation and adjustment and perhaps an extra set of mounts. Scope caps or covers were also fitted to the scope. Many double rifles had an extra fore sight in a small wooden, ivory, or brass box.

Accessories could include, but not limited to, snap caps, cordite funnel, broken cartridge extractor, extra screws, sling, ammunition compartment, bullets, primers, factory load data (called a charge card) and targets.

Replacement accessories can be made new by many craftsmen today and most dealers have a supply of vintage items in their back rooms and they will include some in a case to make a sale.

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