Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leonard- the Gunmaker

Dear Cal:

I read your 600 Nitro book,I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed talking to you in Dallas and Reno. Do you have any information on the gun builder Leonard?, or is he on any web sites?
Todd W. USA

Thanks for your kind words on my book--I appreciate it.

As to your question on Leonard. I ran across his name in the Jeffery ledgers when I was researching the .600 book. I was taken by surprise--it seems Jeffery did not make any of his rifles but contracted the work out to others. Leonard was one. Others were Saunders, London Guns and rifles, Webley and Scott, Webley and Scott, Claborough and Johnstone, Bayeiss and Co., C.W. Andrews, and there were many more.

In addition, I know many English makers buy parts in the white from other makes in the UK as well as Europe. In Europe some towns are known for gun making such as Ferlach Austria, and St. Entienne in France. There specialists make the barrels, hammers, stocks, sights, locks, springs, etc... The same was done in Birmingham. Only a few of the London makers manufacture the entire rifle or gun on site.

Good shooting,