Thursday, May 6, 2010

Limpopo Province Hunt

Good afternoon, Cal
Thank you for the email address for G.R.  I have been in communication with
him related to hunting with him in August.  He thought 10 days for a hunt.  We would be in the Limpopo Province close to Zimbabwe.  I told him that I did not know how many animals I would want--he said I could shoot a "full bag" or animals of my choice.

At any rate, the plot thickens as they say and I have questions:

1.  What are your thoughts on mounted heads?  I am more partial to European mounts
rather than the typical wall mount with a cape.  Is there a difference in the
taxidermists cost?  What have you done?

2.  I am inclined to take my .30-06 with 180-grain controlled expansion bullets.
Does this sound right for plains animals to you?

3.  Clothing for an August hunt?  Gert says it can get up to 90 degrees---sounds
like shorts and cotton clothing.  What about boots?  I normally wear Lowa ankle
high hiking boots---will they be too much for SA?

4.  Tipping?  Who do you tip on this type of hunt?  How much should I budget for
each person on the hunt?

These are only brain spasms of the moment---I haven't even booked this yet.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.
Rob P. Anchorage

It’s great you are making the trip to Africa for a hunt. I promise that it will not be your only trip there. While this column is for double rifles I will do my best to reply in the column as many readers may be thinking about their first hunt as are you. To answer:

1.European mounts are an excellent choice and some skulls are a wonder to behold and that wonderment can’t be seen in a shoulder mount--such as a hippo or warthog. The cost is far less: less to pepare, less to dip and pack, less as the shipping box is smaller to make and lighter and smaller to ship, less to tan, and less work to mount. I have stopped shoulder mounts all together and now do my own skull mounts.
2. The .30-06 is an excellent choice and willl drop any animal you shoot with a well-placed bullet far better than a magnum caliber where bullet placement is less than perfect. Well-constructed soft points will work fine for what you are doing.
3. It will get warm there--especially so for us Alaska hunters. Light, neutral color cotton or synthetics are best and boots that are well broken in with sock protectors.
4. I tip 10%( if I’m pleased with the hunt) for the PH and about 200$ for the camp staff if they did their jobs well. A few gifts for them like visor caps, lighters, and gloves are welcome. You can ask the PH if he needs anything from the states, too, for your tip.

Let me know how it all turns out. I have hunted with your PH three times and he is a skookum guide who can track with the best black trackers.
Good shooting and hunting,