Saturday, April 17, 2010

V-C .600 Nitro

Dear Cal:

It was a pleasure talking with you at D.S.C. and I have very much enjoyed your book.

I am considering ordering a bespoke V-C in .600 Nitro.

I own a V-C .577 with 25 5/8" barrels weighing 14# 2oz. which is to my liking. I have on order a bespoke V-C .500 with 25 5/8" barrels to weigh between 11.5# to 12#.

Question is this, for a .600 would you order 23 5/8" or 25 5/8" barrels and what weight would you want?

Thanks in advance

Don S. USA


Good to hear from you. I know you will enjoy the Verney-Caron doubles very much. I have seen them and spoke with the owner of the company on several occasions and am impressed with their work. The locking mechanism looks like it will never shoot loose.

For your questions to me I would order the following: 23” barrels as they are quicker to bring to aim in such a heavy rifle and makes them easier to carry. Weight is a matter of what you will do with the rifle. If you carry it all day on a tracking elephant or buffalo hunt I would have the weight at 14 pounds. It will kick more but you won’t notice it when shooting at game. On the other hand, if you are going to shoot it at the range a lot and have an easy go at it hunting (such as hippo) I would recommend you push the weight up to 16 pounds but no more.

Good shooting,

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