Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Note from Cal

Good day all. It's been awhile but I wanted to wait until the May 4th shoot. Then my computer died and was in the repair shop for several days. All files are retrieved so I trust all is well. Below is a pic of my rifles I brought to the shoot and you can see more on the double rifles page as well as additional doubles from contributions to the site. I'm off to South Africa and Zimbabwe for plains game, two buffalo, and a hippo on June 8 and hope to post great pics upon my return at the end of the month. To prepare I'm shooting the .600 daily in my front yard's shooting range and gradually moving up in powder charges to adjust to the recoil after seven months of not shooting during the cold and dark winter. Cheers all and please continue to send in your photos of double rifles, game taken with them, and any questions you have. Talk to you upon my return. Cal PS. Below, from left: .450-400, .500 bpe, .450 no2, .600, 8-bore, 4-bore, .470.