Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update June 2013

Good day, all. South Africa and Zim were wonderful as always. The buffalo hunt in SA was a joke. On a small ranch, surrounded by highways and railroad tracks, I was told not to shoot the buff with ear tags! I did not pull the trigger. In Zim it was a great vacation and hunt. Two wildebeest, a buff cow, and a pair of hippo fell to the .600. Great time with good friends. Young Andries Kotze was my PH and he knows his job well and comes with my highest recommendation. If you are looking for a PH, you can email Andries at

Visited the African Hunter magazine and had a nice talk with both Ant and Ira. Two fine gents who produce the finest African hunting magazine on the stands today. Barry Styles of Buffalo Range is a new acquaintance who runs a first class operation but the land resettlement is pushing into his hunting areas. A gent from Mass. (the People's Republic thereof) took a 14-foot croc, leopard, and a 40-inch buff. Also, I visited with old friends, Gerry and Rose Whitehead who lost their oasis of a ranch in 2002 to the "war vets".

I didn't bring a camera on the trip but a friend did and I will post a few photos when I receive them. Off to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory for a few days and then to Darwin, Australia on the 13th of July for the Big Game Rifle Club shoot and maybe a bit of hunting.

Thanks for looking and send in your double rifle and hunting photos for posting. It's been five years since I hunted Africa and I have the fever again. I'm planning next year's trip! Cheers, Cal