Saturday, August 31, 2013

Caibou August 2013

Good day, all. Snow, a cloudless day, high wind, rain, fog, 60 degrees, 10 degrees, are all a week in ANWR in northeast Alaska on a caribou hunt. Few caribou. Only saw 31 caribou in 7 days as they had moved out of the area I was in which was the head waters of the Juniper River. They moved north to the arctic plains into a herd that was 20 miles wide and 70 miles long--so stated the pilot. Of the 31 all were cows and calves except one bull and he was a good one. He now is resting in my freezer compliments of my Harrison and Hussey .450-400 ble. Highlights of the hunt were seeing a grizzly walk 100 yards behind camp, smell me, and take off at a full run. (I guess a week without a shower will do that to a big grizz!). Also, seeing a wolverine sneak up to a ground squirrel, kill it and eat it. Lots of birdlife, with several ptarmigan in camp. Should you like a hunt like this, I would strongly recommend Mike and Bob at 70 North Air.

In the double rifle world I may be getting a .300 flanged Holland and a very old Greener .360 bpe soon. Please keep you pics coming and you can see some of the finest double rifles on the DR page of this site. Thanks for your book orders, which have been gaining in the last few months. Cheers and see you in Dallas. Cal