Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21 update.
Good day, all.
The shortest day of the year here and the sun manages to show itself from 10:30 to about 3 each day. Tomorrow the days will be longer by about 4-5 minutes and each day until the 21st of June.

I have not done much with the site/blog as transferring the information is a bit slow for a computer challenged individual such as myself but I've a good gent (Kurt) getting me started an coaching me along. Also having elbow surgery in October and rotator cuff surgery last wee is slowing my typing down. The positive news, is the pain meds are wonderful! Both ops on the left side.

Next week I depart for the east coast for two weeks vacation then to Dallas for the convention there. I will be both working on the blog and when it is done I will close down my Tripod site and use the same URL for the blog. I'm also near completion of my next book--an intro book to double rifles. Typing is very slow with a bummed-up arm.

At Dallas, I will be roaming around but will call home base the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guide's Association booth. If you stop by there my cell number will be available and I can be called whilst on the floor and come right over. It will be a pleasure in meeting as many of you as possible.
Cheers for a good new year.