Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th Update

Good day, all.
Still working on the blog and getting out my next book on double rifles. This one is a "primer" hoping to answer any and all questions one may have about double rifles: a 46-page glossary with definitions of terms, how to buy, how to sell, how to reload, smokeless formulas, where to get, doubles available today, ballistics, ammo, vintage makers, etc. I'm overwhelmed by much of this computer stuff but slowly making headway.

A warm spring here in Alaska is seeing a lot of shooting both for targets and choreographing ballistic data. My current batch of doubles is a .450-400, .450 no2, .475 no2, .500, .600, 8-bore, 4-bore, as well as a few nice English shotguns and the big Alex Henry harpoon gun--a single shot 8-bore with a short and very heavy barrel, built on a 4-bore falling block frame. It will shoot 8-bore ammo and has the original projectile to go with it. Look for it on the for sale page of this site in a few months (after I have some time to play with it).

Our first Alaska doubles shoot will be May 31, 10-3, at the Birchwood shooting range. If any of you can make it up, you're invited.