Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alex Henry 8-bore harpoon gun

Forgive me for posting a single barrel gun here but its uniqueness begs inclusion. Made in 1874 it is the only one Henry made in this configuration. Built on a true 4-bore falling block frame she shoots and exploding bomb (I have one sample which is deactivated). The 15" missile self ingrates a fuse upon ignition of the powder charge to propel it out of the 22-inch barrel. When in the whale it explodes the main charge of powder--880 grains--to, hopefully, kill the whale. She weighs 22 pounds and is smooth bore. The best thing of all is I fire 3 1/2" 8-bore ammo from it. 330 grains of FFg propels a 1350-grain Paradox bullet at 1486 fps for 6600+ ft lbs of energy. I will experiment with 390 grains and a 1000-grain ball and 275 grains and a 1620-grain conical. While a fun toy, it is not a double so expect to see this one of a kind gun on the for sale page of my site this summer or fall. If you are interested, contact me.