Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 5, 2014 update

Good day, all. Not a lot of news here except doing a bit of shooting and using nitro for black loads in my .500 NE Watson is proving to be a successful experiment. We have a shoot on July 19 at the Mat Su Range at mile 95 of the Parks Highway. The double rifle men are guests of the local shooters' open house day and family day. Some nice rifle pics have been posted on the double rifles page for you to enjoy and the best news is my new book, The Double Rifle Primer--how to know and do everything in the world of double rifles is just completing the layout and it should be off to the printers in a week or two. The book contains everything double rifle--how to buy, sell, reload, shoot, care for, hunt with, current makers, past makers, ammunition, ballistics, and 40+ pages of definitions of the terms we use. I will keep you posted here and on the Accurate Reloading forums when delivery is close at hand. Please do not send any money prior to the books being here at my home. Many have offered to buy in advance but I prefer not to take any payment prior to delivery. Please send in your double rifle pics and hunting trophies (taken with a double, of course). Cal