Friday, August 29, 2014

Update August 29, 2014

Good day, all
Just returned from a good caribou hunt with the .450-400 in the high arctic. No grizzly but the highpoint was returning to camp the first day with a caribou head and antlers and seeing a big black wolf sitting and looking at the camp from a hill across the small river where we set up camp on a sand bar.

The Double Rifle Primer is at the printers with a shipping date for September 15. I expect sometime in October to have the books in hand.  The contents are as follows:
The Double Rifle Primer
How to know and do everything in the world of double rifles

Ch. 1 Why a double rifle 7 pages 4 photos
Ch. 2 Definitions, a dictionary 44 pages 76 photos
Ch. 3 Double rifle cartridges 12 pages 25 photos
Ch. 4 Double rifle makers, vintage years, 8 pages 23 photos
Ch. 5 How to buy a double rifle 11 pages 16 photos
Ch. 6 How to reload and shoot a double rifle 26 pages 28 photos
Ch. 7 How to clean and care for a double rifle 6 pages 5 photos
Ch. 8 Your double rifle 19 pages 11 photos
Ch. 9 How to sell a double rifle2 pages 0 photos
Ch. 10 Publications on double rifles 9 pages 0 photos
Ch. 11 Where can I get… (items for double rifles) 3 pages 2 photos

Ch. 12 Double rifles today 13 pages 38 photos

The book is 184 pages, hard bound, dust jacket, thick and glossy paper.
Price is 70$, with 15$ USPS priority shipping to US address, including insurance and tracking number.
However, if three copies are sent to the same address in the US I will cover the postage costs.
Also, if three copies of any of my books are ordered I will pay the postage to the US address.
How's that?

I will update in a month or so with the book's progress and I also will post information on the Accurate Reloading forum.
In closing, here are a couple of photos of my caribou. Thanks to all of you for looking at my site and your emails. Please send in pics of your double rifles and/or  game taken with them and I will post on the appropriate sections.