Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 30 Update

Good day, all:
The good news is my new book, The Double Rifle Primer: how to know and do everything in the world of double rifles, is almost here. I have been informed the shipment is on a truck to Alaska. I will post soon with the details and ordering information. From the two advance copies that have been seen by a few here, the word is very good--a strong thumbs up!

Second, I will be publishing a quarterly digital magazine about double rifles after the new year. To see if it will be a success, I will make the first issue available free of charge to any and all. Expect future updates on this. Most important, if any of you have double rifle info--pics of your favorite doubles, hunt stories, historical info, please send it along as I don't want the new magazine to be all of my stuff. My ego is not that big and I don't want the magazine to be the double rifle world according to Cal. More on this later.

Thank you all for looking at my web site. Please sending your double rifle pics, hunting photos with doubles, and I welcome anything for the new magazine.