Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5 update

Good day, all. The good news is two-fold today. First, the Double Rifle Primer is somewhere on the Pacific in transit to my doorstep in Alaska. I received two advance copies and it looks great and the few folks who saw it gave it a strong thumbs up. Expected delivery is by the end of the month (but I won't be holding my breath as the crates must clear customs in California). I will post here upon its delivery.  Second is my new toy: a John Rigby box lock ejector with 26 inch barrels. I have been searching for a long time for a mid-sized double as my smallest double for 20 years has been a .450-400. This beauty is in .350 no2. The standard .350 shot a 310-grain bullet at 2150 fps, and the no2 version shoots a 225-grain bullet at about 2600 fps. Rifle will arrive just as snow flies but I will be putting my new shooting shed to use and be able to shoot all winter. The shed is a heated and wired and insulated 12x20 with a 4x4 sliding window facing my backstop at 50 yards. I can light a fire, slide the window open, take a few shots, close the window and repeat when needed. Life does not get any better in the 49th state.
Cheers, Cal