Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cal's first buffalo

Here is my first cape taken on the south shores of Lake Kariba. The rifle is a Joseph Lang .450 no2 and is probably the best of best quality. It has a great history and was in Africa from 1904 to 1956. I was tracking this buff with my PH from South Africa, Gert Rall (a good man and hunter), and a Zim PH named Evans Mkanza (the most worthless idiot that ever walked upright). The buff were nervous and we wondered why as the wind was right and we were confident they didn't know of our presence. After the buff was down with a heart shot, the skinner was doing his job and the tracker went off to bring the Land Cruiser to us, Gert and I relaxed with a drink. The skinner yelled and about 50 yards off was a lion and lioness, sitting like two big dogs, looking at the kill. I guess they were also following the buff herd for some dinner. Great African memories and a great African double.