Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cal's new toy: Holland and Holland Royal in .500 bpe

Here are some pics of my new toy. A Holland and Holland Royal back action Royal side lock in caliber .500 3 1/4" black powder express. 26" barrels and made in 1889. It is a transition between the Royal we know today and the first Royals with the stepped side plates (such as the Rigby). The coolest part of the rifle it was owned by Boyd Alexander, a hunter, naturalist, and explorer who wrote a two volume set of his adventures titles, From the Niger to the Nile. He was killed by natives in 1910. The rifle is original except the scope and mounts were added in the 1920s (approximately). Features are an extended top strap, sights for 150, 200, 250 yards, cheek piece, recoil pad, sling swivels, and an ivory bead night sight. Weight is a bit over 8 pounds--a very trim and petite side lock.