Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6 update--new double rifle, photos soon

A new double was added to my collection today: a Holland and Holland Royal in .500 3 1/4" black powder express. It is an early Royal begin a transition between the stepped side plates of the first model Royal and the style known today. This is a back action side lock one time called the no2 Royal. The great thing about this fine rifle is it was owned by Boyd Alexander, a hunter, naturalist, and explorer who wrote two books, From the Niger to the Nile, and was speared to death by natives in 1910. I will take some photos tomorrow and post here.
Also, the Double Rifle Primer is selling well and reviews are all positive. I hope you will order one soon and, for those of you who have a copy, thanks for your comments.
Cheers, all.