Thursday, December 25, 2014

Jeffery 8-bore Ball and Shot Gun for sale

For sale is my Jeffery 8-bore ball and shot gun. I traded into this a short time ago as the trade was a "must do" trade (one of my rifles and some cash) and I guess I have enough bore rifles for the time being. This beautiful Jeffery was made in 1896, has steel barrels 32 inches long with invisible rifling.To look down the bore it will seem to be a smooth bore such as a shotgun. But, hold the barrels off center of the light source and you can see the very shallow rifling. With fold down sights for 50 and 100 yards and a bead for the front sight she is ready to a ball or conical bullet accurately or a 2 1/4 ounce payload of shot. The ultimate turkey gun that will take whitetail, elk, moose, bear, boar or anything Africa or Australia has that comes into your sight picture. The weight is 16 pounds, the bores are excellent, and the stock and recoil pad in great condition. Have bullets and some brass to brass come with her.

Box lock 8s are as rare as hen's teeth as the majority of the bore rifles were the exposed hammer and Jones under lever style. In my experience with the bore rifles, 8s of average quality are priced in the mid 30s and of exceptional quality in the 40s. The price on this 8 will be posted soon but will be far less than the above--in the 20s somewhere. If you are serious about owning an 8-bore email me at or PM me via the Accurate Reloading forums and we can chat. This is an antique so it can be sent most anywhere in the US with no paperwork requirements and I am pleases a target and the second photo shows the 8 with a Jeffery 12-bore to compare size.

The Jeffery comes with two moulds and some brass cases (brass needs a few thou. turned off the rim to fit correctlyI can show you an super target I shot with the two brass cases that have been turned to fit the chamber. You have never seen an 8-bore shoot this well! I just scanned in the target. This is the first two shots I fired with the big 8! This ball and shot gun will shoot birds (patterns 140 pellets of #4 shot at 30 yards in a 30-inch circle at 2 1/4 ounces), turkeys, and with the accuracy below, just about any critter that walks. Price of the Jeffery is $SOLD