Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tanzania 2006

I stopped having taxidermy done over ten years ago for a few reasons: US taxidermy is very high priced and takes a long time (up to two years for some of my mounts) and foreign taxidermy (Australia, South Africa, and three Zim Taxidermists) showed such poor quality I vowed to myself to pass on mounts for any future hunts. Also, on a personal note, I guess I don't appreciate taxidermy much. Maybe it is an artistic thing that never developed within me. When it was still legal to do so, I donated my mounts to schools, churches, and hospitals and took a deduction. The IRS no longer allows this to be done but I made the deadline the last two years it was acceptable. Now, I just have European mounts or just the skull plat and horns for the wall and complete skulls for tables and cabinets. Below are four from 2006 in the Selous Reserve in Tanzania. All four were shot with my .450-400 Harrison and Hussey boxlock ejector. The hippo on day 2 for bait, the lion on day 6, the leopard on day 8, and the croc a week later. The wood carvings came from several African countries.