Friday, December 19, 2014

Two sold out titles

Many of you have asked about other books I've written and are no longer available. The book on James Watts, inventor of the .450 Watts cartridge, was my first project in the mid-1990s. Jim was a great man who came to Alaska in 1936 to Valdez and walked the 400 miles to Fairbanks. He was in the AK earthquake of 1964--right on the coast picking up his wife from work when the quake hit and the tidal wave came in. He went on an 8-month safari in Zimbabwe, flew to the northern Yukon and walked out for a summer vacation, and was shot by his superintendent when he was a school teacher. Jack Lott gets the credit for his .458 Lott, but Watts did it 22 years prior. All Lott did was take the Watts case and shave .005 off of it to get his name on a big game cartridge. And, being the well known writer he was, got the credit. Jim also developed the .450 Watts Short that was renamed the .458 Winchester magnum (yes, I saw the correspondence), the .450 Alaskan from the .348 WCF case, and more. I am proud he was my friend. I had 1200 copies printed and sold the last one a week ago at a local gun show.

Safari 2000 was my next project in the late 1990s. It dealt with how to set up a safari in southern African and went into great detail on animals in each country, airlines, PHs, costs, firearms, etc. I have 500 copies printed and it sold out within a couple of years--good in the days before my introduction to the internet. (I did both books on an Apple 2!)

Then, after a few dozen magazine articles, I wrote the three double rifle books pictured in a post below.
Thanks for looking and your comments.