Wednesday, January 7, 2015

His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Since winning the bush war in the 1970s, Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe. He's about 90 now and the world wonders (most so, the citizens of Zimbabwe) what course the country will take when he passes. I've been to Zim many times since 1994 and is my favorite country (outside of the USA, of course). The people, climate, scenic wonders, the birds, the flowers, and the animals make it a paradise. In 2006, $200,000 Zim notes were in use and it took 13 million dollars to buy my tomato and cheese pizza in Bulawayo. Two years later, 100 trillion dollar notes were in use! Inflation has made Zimbabwe one of the poorest countries in the world. But. as you can see, the President lives rather well. The low res photos are a bit blurry when enlarged, but you get the idea.