Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lawn and Alder .450-400 3 1/4"

Lawn and Alder double rifle for sale  SOLD

.450-400 3 1/4"

60 grains cordite, 400 grains bullet proof

Dates from 1905

Action built by Charles Osborne

90% engraving coverage

Seen in the film Use Enough Death featuring Mark Sullivan and is on the dvd's cover

28-inch non ejector barrels with doll's head

A small amount of cordite burn just ahead of the throats--no effect on accuracy

Anson push button for end release

All screws east-west and with excellent slots

Pistol grip

Silver's pad--still soft

Cheek piece

14 7/8" pull

Sling eyes

Cased in oak and leather with some accessories

Replacement case label

Bead front sight with "moon" night sight

Three leaf rear sight, one standing, two folding, 50-100-150 yards

File cut quarter rib

Non automatic safety

Barrels and action probably reblacked 

Brass and dies available

Regulating charge: 83 grains of IMR 4831 and 400-grain Woodleigh soft (80 grains with a solid)

More photos upon request. Email to