Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New .600--A Magnificent Work of Art

I speak honestly when I say I can't even draw a circle. That's the truth, so when I see what you see in the photos below I am impressed to a degree it is difficult to put into words. Jonathan Tonlinson has commissioned Trevor Proctor to build this rifle. Here is a study of the steps in construction is photos. The email received is as follows:
 Hello Cal

Thought you may like to see some pictures from England of a .600 under build by one of England's best kept rifle making secrets, Trevor Proctor, based up in the north of the country close to Manchester Airport.

The rifle is a .600 Best quality ejector built on an action forging left over from the firm of John Wilkes which Trevor bought from Mr Tom Wilkes when the firm finally closed its doors for the last time.  Barrels are chopper lump Bohler steel, possibly the best quality barrel steel made in Europe at this time.

The photos along with some more that will follow will hopefully show you the workmanship that goes into making a rifle and possibly go some way to showing why double rifles cannot be built for little money.

I am happy for you to post the pictures or use the pictures.  I can also send further pictures as the build progresses,  the action has undergone overpressure proof testing and passed proof based on British proof rules.  Trevor has commenced heading up the stock on the walnut blank.  The rifle will have scroll engraving, trap cap, H & H pattern front and rear sights and the action will then be colour hardened and left coloured rather than the bright coin finish that some prefer.  The stock will be finished off with an Orange "Silvers pad".  

Estimated time to completion about 8 months give or take.

I will send some more pictures shortly.

Kind Regards

  Jonathan Tomlinson