Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Holland and Holland .500 3 1/4" Royal

I bought this .500 bpe 3 1/4" Holland and Holland Royal as a keep-for-life purchase. However, I have too many doubles and must selectively part with some. Below you will see my .577 and 8-bore Jeffery for sale, I have a few more I will post a bit later on and show them at local gun shows. Now, I'd like to add this Holland. Specifications are as follows and are called out by the factory letter: 26-inch barrels, bead front sight with night sight, three leaf rear sight, extended top strap, non ejector, recoil pad, made in 1889 for Boyd Alexander and his name is on the silver oval. Comes with the original case, two books by Boyd's son and a third book about Boyd Jr., two notebooks of support documents of both the father and son, and a letter form Holland. Boyd Jr. was killed in 1907--he was speared to death by natives whist on safari. Great history here. Bore are about perfect, bluing is good and some case colors remain. Scope and claw mounts were added later--maybe from the 1920s from the style of the scope. Rifle is very accurate with 56-grains of IMR 4198 and a 440-grain cast or Woodeigh soft point bullet. Letter from Holland refers to this rifle as a Royal!

This double has it all--condition, maker, history, original case! Price will follow shortly. If you're interested please email at:       Yes, she will be a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. For the few of you, please refrain from the emails stating something like, "I can get a Sabatti .500 full nitro for $4,000." I've received these in the past and, like I stated, you get what you pay for. Enjoy the web site. Cal

Price is: SOLD

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