Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10, 2015 update

Good day, all.
Spring has sprung early in Alaska and the shooting continues full time. The Palmer Lions gun show last weekend was an excellent show and I have a couple of promising bites on my .500 and .577; both bpe doubles. Check out the for sale page to see three rifles I have put up for sale. One is a Holland Royal from 1889, seen below. April will see a trip to Kansas for turkey hunting and I'm on the fence as to taking an international hunt in June or July. In May and June I will take my .500 nitro to the Denali Highway for grizzly bear and September will see a caribou, moose and bear hunt with a .450-400. August will, of course, see me waking daily with my black lab looking for grouse with a 12-bore Roland Watson double. Thanks for looking and please send in your pics of double rifles and game taken with them. Cheers, Cal

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