Friday, April 17, 2015

A bit of shooting at my cabin

Good day from the warmest spring in history in Alaska. I did a bit of shooting and the results are fair to middling. The rifles, however, are outstanding. A Watson Brothers .500 nitro express that once belonged to Jack Lott and a Whistler 12-bore double. The .500 dates from 1907 and the 12-bore from the late 1870s. The .500 was loaded with 112 grains of IMR 4831 and a Woodleigh soft and the 12 was three drams or 110 grains of FFFg and a 590-grain soft lead spherical ball. For your enjoyment the results are below. Before I sign off, remember our first double rifle shoot of the year is May 2, 10am, at the Birchwood range. Cheers, mates. Cal

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The Henry rifled Whistler is a sweet looker. What's the story on the 2 in the 5 ring? Did you Chrony any of them? Game-Gettin' in any case... Thanks


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