Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 9, 2015 Update

Good day all.
The warmest spring in Alaska's history follows the warmest winter ever up here and shooting is under way. I bought a Do All Raven trap and now shoot clays at my home (I really suck at it) and it is great fun. Shooting doubles is coming along well with a few mates stopping by to shoot my rifles or to bring their own. Speaking of shooting, the Alaska double rifle men will have their first yearly shoot May 2 at 10 am at the Birchwood range east of Anchorage. All are welcome.

On my for sale page on this site is a Bland .577 for sale for a very reasonable price. I'm surprised it has not sold. Here is a target a friend shot last week here at my home range. He played with the bead in the rear leaf and his bullets climbed toward center. If he held consistent all shots would have been in one ragged hole at 35 yards.

Thank you all for your book orders. It is my honor to sign each and every one for you. Also, please send in your double rifle pics and also hunting trophies taken with doubles. I'd like to keep adding to the site. last of all, keep the emails coming as I enjoy talking to like minded men and answering any double rifle questions you may have. The past two days emails from Chicago and Kentucky have proved most interesting.

I will update again after our shoot with some photos and shortly after that in May and June I will be taking my 4 wheeler up to the Denali Highway searching for a spring grizzly. Rifle of choice will be Jack Lott's .500 nitro Watson Brothers double. I want to take some game with it before putting it on the market.

Cheers, all.

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