Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Alaska Double Rifle Shoot may 2, 2015

Here are some fine doubles from our shoot a few days ago. Enjoy!
Below: right to left: 8-bore Jeffery, 8-bore Locke, 12-bore Whistler, .450 no2, .375 takedown Cogswell and Harrison.

Below: left to right: .600 Wilkes, 4-bore Hughes, .500 Watson, .375 Cogswell.

Below two photos. Mike Brooks brought several of his fine doubles.

Brett's .500 Watson Brothers.

Dave's .577 bpe and a 10- bore flint lock.

Right to left: Rob's 4-bore Bland, 10-bore, 8-bore Bland.

Chuck's three fine rifles.

Chucks's .350 no2 Rigby.

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