Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Custom .500 NE

A good mate in Zimbabwe had this rifle custom made for him. I don't have the names of those who worked on the rifle but it was 100% made in house in Sough Africa by a gent and his two sons, a SA woman did the engraving. Note the exceptional quality of the wood. Total cost was 12K USD!!! Pieter sold his Sabatti for an unbelievable price and turned the money (and a bit extra) for this gem.

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Unknown said...

That's the work of Ralph Badenhorst. I love the looks of those rifles. Cheaper than a Merkel but I think it would be really difficult to get back to the states. I exchanged emails with him and a basic working gun is around 8500... With airfare to pick it up I could have a new chappy or a heym with a mil discount!

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