Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015 Update

Good day all. I'm on my way back to Alaska from the People's Socialist Republic of Massachusetts. What a sewer of taxes, regulations, rules, etc., that place is. No shooting as I've been on the road for four weeks. I did see some nice doubles on the way (including 15 vintage .600s) and a friend in Zim has taken possession of a fine .500 NE double that was custom made in South Africa for him. You can see more pics in the double rifles section. Also, the next AK double rifle shoot will be Sat. July 18 at the Birchwood range. One gent can't make it on Sat. but most can from the survey I sent out on Accurate Reloading forums. I hope to have a .350no2 Rigby I'm importing and the usual selection of my boat anchors. More later and thanks for viewing.

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