Friday, August 7, 2015

August 8, 2015 update

Good day, all.
Not much news except lots of shooting at my home range and grouse season begins in two days. Seeing LOTS of spruce grouse when walking the dog in the am and afternoon. We had a great double rifle shoot oh July 18 but very few pics were taken and I forgot my camera! Below are only three that were sent to me. The shoot had three 4-bores, 5 8-bores, a 10 and 12, and 25+ doubles from .600 down to .350 no2 (three .350 no2 Rigby's showed up!).

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Anonymous said...

Sir, would you have the internal and external dimensions of the brass cartridge case 475 #2 Nitro Express? My question is "how thick is it," to compare against the 375 Cheytac case. This is to help me determine how much pressure the 475#2 will take safely, when necked down to 375. Thank You, Andy Bensinger

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