Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015 Update

Good day, all.
Unsuccessful caribou hunt. 8 days of rain and snow and I sprained my ankle walking to a downed 'boo my friend shot and I spent the remainder of the hunt in my sleeping bag, 20+ hours per day. Even with the tribulations of the ankle and the weather it is always good to see and be in remote Alaska. The weather was so wet and humid it was tough on my .450-400 double so I may look to a cheap bolt rifle to take when the weather turns to crap.

Soon I will post some targets I've shot and pics of a new toy--a .450 bpe hammer and under lever double. It fits like a glove in a Boswell case I have and shoots two inches at 50 yards with 50 grains of IMR 4198 and a 350-grain Hornady bullet.

Check out the progress of the .600 double that is being built on the double rifle page. The engraving has begun and it is magnificent!

And, so everyone has plenty of time to plan, the next Alaska double shoot will be Saturday, May 7th at the Birchwood range, 10am. Lunch will be served and all are welcome.


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