Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 4th update

Good day all.
May 7 is the next double rifle shoot here in Alaska. Keep following the posts for further information. All are invited and we have visitors from the Lower 48 states and from overseas. Great fun, great shooting, great food, and most of all, great rifles!

Check out the two posts on the double rifles page--the engraving is done on the .600 and a stunning .577 Jeffery bpe is added for more eye candy.

Winter is almost here and el Nino is warming things up so shooting is still commencing but a bit slow due to full time work at the local school and some home projects. The 12-bore Whistler is shooting better than ever with new cases from Rocky Mountain Cartridge and with shotgun primers (209) I can use Blue Dot without hang fires. The .450 bpe Reilly is shooting well, also and it is nice to shoot a mild recoiling double. The .350 no2 Rigby has been returned from the gunsmith with a repaired front sight (damaged in the importation process) and the scope mount/rings adjusted. She will accompany me to South Africa for plains game in July. Yes, I may bite the bullet and go again (trip # 17 to Africa) but I must admit I dread the long flight and it's more of a nightmare than an adventure of the early hunts.

Thanks to all of you for you kind emails and book purchases. I still have a good inventory of books for those of you who have not seen or bought my titles on double rifles and the only double I have for sale now is the 8-bore Jeffery box lock.


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